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A raw and hilarious podcast with Rachel Guy Co-founder of Chase Life Consultancy on Mental Health

🌿AND IT’S HERE!!!! 🌿

Join the talented and passionate @therachelgodfrey and I on this incredible podcast where we talk all things on how to take control of your own mindset and applying those tools and techniques to your everyday life.

According to the Cancer Awareness Trust UK, 1 in 2 of us will experience cancer within our lifetime. A large number of those who get cancer WILL survive!! Knowing how to navigate your mindset whether that’s you whom gets cancer or a loved one is vital to your mental well-being.

We also talk Marcus Aurelius and how the best leaders were and currently are the most stoic and always open to learning and bettering their growth mindset!

So get those AirPods on or connect that phone to your car on your daily commute and give this podcast a listen 💓🙏

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